Lamana Development Limited

Privacy Policy​


LAMANA DEVELOPMENT LIMITED is committed to protecting the right to privacy of its customers, employees, and business partners. As such it is our policy that the collection, security, quality, use and disclosure of information shall be conducted in accordance with relevant Privacy Legislation and Regulations.


LAMANA DEVELOPMENT LIMITED’S “Privacy Statement” is as follows:

“Other than as required by Federal and/or State/Province Legislation and/or in cases of emergency, LAMANA DEVELOPMENT LIMITED shall ensure that any personal or business-related information obtained by our organisation from employees, customers, partner organisations or any other third party is, without exception, utilized solely for the purpose of conducting business and interaction between LAMANA DEVELOPMENT LIMITED and any other party involved.

Under no circumstances shall the information be knowingly provided to any external party without written permission from all parties involved.”

Information relating to external parties shall be obtained by lawful means only and shall be limited to information required to enable business interaction between the parties.

LAMANA DEVELOPMENT LIMITED will take reasonable steps to ensure that our Privacy Policy is public and that all customers and other relevant entities are aware of the above statement.

Private information relating to third parties shall be managed in accordance with the requirement of the “Australian Privacy Protection Principles” and all applicable Papua New Guinea legislation, generally in accordance with the following:

Customer Information:

Customer Information is collected to enable LAMANA DEVELOPMENT LIMITED to provide quality service. It may range from general information (e.g., address and telephone number) to more sensitive information including, but not limited to the following:

Customer business practices.

Customer financial status and credit checks.

General information about the status of an individual’s business.

Details of the products and services provided by the customer.

Personal details of the addresses and telephone numbers of business owners and managers; and

Relevant requirements and preferences are specific to the customer.

Provided that no legitimate reasons to the contrary exist at the time, all information relating to a customer that is held by LAMANA DEVELOPMENT LIMITED will be maintained in a way that it is unavailable to any third party, but available to the customer upon request for perusal and /or update of information.

Employee Information:

Employee Information is collected to enable LAMANA DEVELOPMENT LIMITED to recruit efficiently and effectively, train, manage and ensure the safety of employees. Information collected in relation to employees shall include but is not limited to:

Employee information is required to be maintained in accordance with relevant legislation.

Information is relevant to the work content and performance of an employee. Performance feedback (whether positive or negative); and Information relating to Workplace Health and Safety and an employee.

Provided that no legitimate reasons to the contrary exist at the time, personal information relating to employees shall be maintained as confidential information. Each employee shall be permitted access to information being held in relation to him or her and his or her employment with LAMANA DEVELOPMENT LIMITED for the purpose of perusal and/or update.

Partner Organizations and other Third Parties:

Information maintained shall be held solely for reasons relating to the conducting of business by either LAMANA DEVELOPMENT LIMITED, the third party or both.

Provided that no legitimate reasons to the contrary exist at the time, any third party with information held by LAMANA DEVELOPMENT LIMITED shall be allowed access to the information for the purpose of perusal and/or update.


Any party wishing to lodge a complaint in relation to the management of private information by LAMANA DEVELOPMENT LIMITED may lodge the complaint verbally or in writing with LAMANA DEVELOPMENT LIMITED management.

All complaints will be thoroughly investigated according to our internal procedures and processes and a response will be forwarded to the complaining party within a reasonable timeframe

Direct Marketing:

LAMANA DEVELOPMENT LIMITED may from time to time elect to use private information to market services directly to customers and potential customers. This information will be used only by LAMANA DEVELOPMENT LIMITED and shall not be disclosed to any third party for the purposes of direct marketing conducted by that party.

Any third party who wishes to be excluded from receiving direct marketing information from LAMANA DEVELOPMENT LIMITED should advise our organization so that arrangements can be made to remove that party from our marketing listing.


It is the responsibility of LAMANA DEVELOPMENT LIMITED to ensure that employees are familiar with this policy and procedure and to provide a written Privacy Statement to persons and entities involved with the organisation as required.

It is the responsibility of all employees on a day-to-day basis, in everything that they do in the workplace, to ensure that their activities comply with this policy.

Failure by any employee to comply with the requirements of this Policy shall result in disciplinary action that may include termination of employment.

Simon-Marc Brendling

Simon-Marc Brendling has been with Lamana Development Limited for 10 years. He has extensive property development and finance experience in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific region. Simon has been instrumental in developing the Group’s high-profile properties including Nambawan Plaza, Rangeview Heights, Taumeasina Island Resort and Loloata Island Resort. Before working with Lamana Development Limited, Simon worked in the Real Estate division of KPMG Sydney. He is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. In addition to his role as Business Development Manager with the Constantinou Group, Simon is a Council member and Treasurer of the Institute of National Affairs and a Board Member of the Property Developers Association of PNG. He holds a Bachelor of Business (UTS), a Graduate Diploma of Arts in Development Studies (UNSW) and a Master of Economics (USyd).

Michael McKeown

Michael McKeown is a Quantity Surveyor by qualification and his experience in construction industry management spans 40 years. His experience as a leader over this time is extensive and varied including many successful construction projects for others under competitive tendering conditions and inhouse development projects under design and build requirements. 

These projects have been in many locations and countries including Papua New Guinea, Samoa, the Solomon Islands, Fiji, New Zealand, the United States, and Australia.

Michael as the General Manager at Lamana possesses the experience and factors above, that allow Lamana Development to ensure the buildings delivered by Lamana match the requirements of the contract documents and agreements and then consistently exceed expectations in the delivery of those projects.

Sir Kostas Constantinou, OBE

Sir Kostas Constantinou, OBE is the Managing Director of Lamana Development Limited and a prominent business figure in Papua New Guinea. He has extensive business experience in the building and construction industry since his appointment as General Manager and Director of the Constantinou Group of Companies in 1982.

Sir Kostas was knighted in the 2015 Queen’s Birthday Honors for his contribution to Banking, Commerce, Tourism and Sport.